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What readers are saying about The Eternity Fund...

"Dystopian noir masterpiece" @fahrenheitpress

"Sharp, witty, imaginative" @wivenhoewriters

“Gripping and dark”, C Carruthers, Amazon reader (UK)

“Awesome writing”, K Parisi, Amazon reader (US)

"Absolutely loved it", Ruth, Amazon UK on-line reviewer

"An exciting new talent", Charlie24, Amazon UK on-line reviewer

"A futuristic noir thriller that will keep you gripped to the very last page..."

The Eternity Fund is set in a dark future, where terrorists flash-freeze entire office blocks to harvest human organs, and where people of no use to society are compressed for bio-fuel. Jess Green, the narrator, is an empath. Her unusual skills are commandeered by the Unit, for Department Thirteen (Crime Solutions). Jess isn’t going to find it easy negotiating a path through a world in which nobody seems to trust her, especially now she has a price on her head…

"Through The Blind" Portrait by Craig Mansell Copyright ©